Do Rhodesian ridgebacks drool?

Rhodesian ridgebacks do drool in small amounts but much less than other large breeds. They do not have overly large lips and cheeks but will drool if they are waiting for food, doing high levels of activity or drinking a lot. If you are bringing your ridgebacks in the car after exercise it is a … Read more

Do Rhodesian ridgebacks howl?

Rhodesian ridgebacks rarely howl and may only do so if they are part of a pack. I have never heard my ridgeback howl instead he will whine or bark. Ridgebacks can learn to howl if they are with other dogs that howl a lot. On their own ridgebacks are a quiet breed and usually only … Read more

Why do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Whine?

Ridgebacks are vocal dogs and while whine more than others. They do this to communicate what they want, whether it is to come indoors, to play or if its time for dinner. Ridgebacks will whine at the door if they need to go out and will use it as their way of letting you know … Read more

Do Rhodesian ridgebacks like water?

Rhodesian ridgebacks can enjoy playing in water with other dogs, on warm days and if there is a gently entry. Ridgebacks however hate getting their feet wet when it is cold outside. They will do anything to avoid stepping on wet grass on cold mornings. Ridgebacks can love playing in water if they are introduced … Read more

Are Ridgebacks picky eaters?

Ridgebacks can be picky eaters and can walk away from perfectly good food if they don’t like the look of it. My ridgeback only likes certain types of dry food and will never eat fruit and vegetables if he can help it. Raw and cooked meat are usually irresistible to ridgebacks but just make sure … Read more

When do Rhodesian ridgebacks calm down?

Rhodesian ridgebacks are large dogs that will start to calm down between 18-24 months old. Male dogs tend to take longer to mature than female dogs and it can be up to 3 years before they move out of the adolescent stage. Ridgebacks are very active dogs until they get quite old. They need lots … Read more

Do Rhodesian ridgebacks like cold weather?

Rhodesian ridgebacks prefer warm weather and generally hate the cold. They have a thin coat and come from the hot climate of Africa. If you live in a cold climate, they will need good, warm shelter if they are to be outdoors or will need a comfortable space indoors to keep them warm. While ridgebacks … Read more

Are Rhodesian ridgebacks good with cats?

Rhodesian ridgebacks can be good with cats if they are raised with them from a young age, if they are supervised when they are introduced and if the cat has a place to escape to. Ridgebacks are playful dogs and have natural hunting instincts so it is important that your cat has a space to … Read more

Do Rhodesian ridgebacks like to cuddle?

Ridgebacks can like to cuddle if they are in the right mood. They like to be with and even lean against their owners. Each ridgeback has their own personality but it is best to avoid cuddling when they are in a playful mood. They can easily swipe you with their paws and with their strength … Read more

Are Rhodesian ridgebacks good with chickens? (My Experience)

Rhodesian ridgebacks were originally bred as hunting dogs so it is unsafe to leave them unattended with chickens. They can see them as pray or may chase them. Ridgebacks are large and can easily hurt a chicken even if they don’t mean to. I had introduced my ridgeback Cooper to chickens when he was a … Read more